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Hanzo Hattori

Hattori Hanzo (1542-23 December 1596), also known by the name Hattori Masanari, is a leading sala a ninja in the history of Japan. He often appeared in the manga and novel fiction, portrayed dressed all in black and has a remarkable ability to ninjutsu. Ranging from science lighten the body, diving, went underground to camouflage themselves in darkness. Ironically, in various historical encyclopedia, Hanzo rarely written or well-known as a ninja. To be sure, he served Tokugawa Ieyasu was recorded with very loyal. Top cleverness in arranging tactics, he earned the nickname Oni-Hanzo (Devil Hanzo).

Hattori Hanzo Early Life
In the legend, Hattori Hanzo was recorded as a superhuman ninja warrior. Narrated Hanzo has kemamuan to eliminate self-perfect. He also mastered the use of rope to catch the enemy properly. The ability of psychokinesis and psychomancy was reputedly controlled by Hanzo, allowing it to predict the opponent''s tactics and strength accurately. In addition to a ninja, he is also known as high-capable swordsman, a composer well versed in telling tactic used spears. Hattori Hanzo began studying martial arts at age 8 years at Mount Kurama and at age 12 managed to become a ninja. At the age of 18 years, successfully reaching Hanzo ninja master position. His father, namely Yasunaga, serving as the leader Kuyoyasu Matsudaira clan of Mikawa, Ieyasu Tokugawa''s grandfather as well. Although born and raised in Mikawa province, he often returned to Iga as the home of the Hattori family who has the power as a community leader in the province of Iga ninja.

Hanzo and Ieyasu Tokugawa
The relationship between Hanzo and Ieyasu Tokugawa, the shogun of Japan, began when 26-year-old Hanzo. While living in Mikawa, he challenged Hanzo to hold his breath underwater and even strangle Hanzo neck with a piece of cloth. Hanzo faced with the challenge calmly and finally he came out a winner. Ieyasu''s pale and panting out of breath to ask about how long a ninja could stay underwater, which was answered by Hanzo, "One or two days, depending on demand monitoring view." To prove it, he again dived into the water until a few hours duration until Ieyasu worried and started calling his name. Hanzo come to the surface without any signs of running out of breath and gave a short sword that had been there at the waist Ieyasu. Ieyasu immediately fascinated with the ability Hanzo and his men made it a mainstay at once his best friend.

Tokugawa Ieyasu then establish a central government that lasted 300 years, lasted for 15 years, generations of offspring. The success could not be separated from the ability of Ieyasu in lobbying many talented soldier. He employs many people with different backgrounds in an attempt to collect science and knowledge. Ieyasu also much helped by the ninja clan, especially Hanzo. During the Warring States Period, the ninja is an important agent in the collection of information and fast execution. Although many daimyo who hire ninja but no daimyo Ieyasu smart as a way of piki and cleverness liked the ninja. One of the success and proof of loyalty is when Hanzo on Ieyasu Ieyasu kiss insurgency intent on Nobunaga in Honno-ji temple. Hanzo asks his master to come to Iga, returned to Mikawa with the help of Iga and Koga ninja and attacked the soldiers who defected. Ieyasu also agree with the proposal Hanzo. After collecting about 300 ninja, Hanzo Honno-ji attack while hidden in Mikawa, Ieyasu. Hanzo rewarded with the success of employing all the ninja who helped in the fighting.
Then in 1590, when Ieyasu lived in Edo, the ninja is given a residence in Edo castle west wing. The area was named Hanzo-Cho, and one of the gates of the palace named Hanzo-mon (Gate Hanzo). When the Battle of Winter and Summer Battle of Osaka which happened in the years 1614-1615, became the greatest battle that ever happened in Japan. In war, the ninja''s heyday reach where they are very big role in maintaining the leadership and send information. When Sanada Yukimura, one of the leading generals of Toyotomi busy preparing tactics in the court of Osaka, Ieyasu sent a letter containing the offer of arrows 100,000 koku of rice. Ieyasu also ordered the ninja disguised as a ronin and entered the Osaka castle to gather information. Their ability to disguise finally make the Toyotomi clan missed a lot of valuable information, which led to his downfall at the Battle of Winter and the Battle of Summer.

The Death of Hanzo Hattori
Hattori Hanzo died in 1596 at the age of 55 years. Some say Hattori died because of illness, but there is also a believer that Hattori was killed in a battle by a ninja named Fuma Kotaro. Hattori power handed down to his son Masanari 18-year-old when his father died. Unfortunately he did not master ninjutsu and negligent in allowing lead Iga ninja clan considers inappropriate Masanari menwarisi big name Hanzo and cause disunity. The ninja who rebelled Masanari urged to step down from the leadership. The number of rebel ninjas are not recorded clearly but the historians recorded the uprising as one of the biggest revolt in the history of Japan. In the year 1605, Iga clan split into 4 sections and each led by a samurai-based low. Iga has never again reached such glory that never achieved Hanzo.

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